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  1. Sep 8, 2021

    I have been calling for days trying to schedule an appointment. After being on hold for 30 minutes the automated system hangs up on you! Ridiculous.

  2. Aug 23, 2021

    Since COVID-19 pandemic started service at this office is terrible for last two months I have been trying to schedule an appointment for my aunt to get her new social security card I was unable to get anyone one the phone. I called the main social security administration office and the agent told me that someone from the local will be reaching out to me to schedule an appointment for aunt but all in vain. I drove down to the social security administration office and the security guard at the door went in there and spoke to the social security administration agent and they asked for my information but I never received a phone call from them up to now. Their phone is always busy and stay on the phone for nearly 30 minutes and the phone goes off. They are directing phone call to schedule an appointment but there is no one answering the phone. I believe I am not the only one complaining about this office because COVID-19 didn’t shut down their operations people still from home or in the office. Why are they not picking up their phone?

  3. Jul 29, 2021

    I have called several time to get help to access my social security account online, but nobody is answering the phone. I was on hold for more than 20 minutes and no luck. Why is this office still closed? I also received a letter stating that I did not send them my naturalization certificate. I mailed it to the Bentley Rd office on July 8, 2021 and it was received on July 9, per the tracking number that the USPS office. What is wrong with you people... Please do your job, you are getting paid to do your job. This is ridiculous...

  4. Jun 13, 2021

    Been waiting for two months, for my new social security card and my important docs to be returned to me. Rather frustrating the State says I can move on with my life. However the government has put me on permanent hold. When can I expect my docs, and card to be returned?

  5. Jun 11, 2021

    need to change the bank I get my ssi from.

  6. Jun 7, 2021

    Been waiting for two months, for my new social security card and my important docs to be returned to me. Rather frustrating the State says I can move on with my life. However the government has put me on permanent hold. When can I expect my docs, and card to be returned?

  7. Jun 2, 2021

    Social security is the only place in Jacksonville FL with the offices closed to the public which is ridiculous . People are going homeless because social security will not assist them.

  8. May 31, 2021

    How to put in change of address

  9. May 18, 2021

    That's How federal government works. You pay their salary and they get to lock the doors and turn off the phones.

  10. May 11, 2021

    Over a year later and still cannot go to this office to change my last name. How much longer will this place be closed?

  11. May 11, 2021

    It doesnt make sense that the DMV an EVERYTHING else is open to the public and not the social security office, this is ridiculous.

  12. May 10, 2021

    I have been trying to reach all numbers for this administration and there is no customer service. Not everyone has access to the internet. If other government agencies are open why is this administration so difficult. As many identity theft has been happening, why sending original documents a requirement to get the assistance needed? Unprofessional and this should be against the law. No one will protect us from identity theft and that should be the number one priority of this administration. At least original documents should be allowed through a different organization, maybe with the UPS where a system can provide security or something. This is so hard to comprehend with all the technology available.

  13. May 7, 2021

    Nobody answers the phone! They sent back my application because the documentation is not original. I am trying to change my name but can not mail in my driver's license as I need it daily for driving, work, and picking up my kids from school etc. Can I send a copy of my driver's license? I do not have a passport and have many upcoming doctor's appointments so sending my original insurance card is also not ideal!

  14. May 7, 2021

    Trying to get information on how to change my name without mailing in my documents and the lady was EXTREMELY rude. She was not helpful in anyway and had no suggestions on how to securely send my documents via mail, she said she did not understand my question. The office should be open the state is open and DMVs are open this office should be open. We should not have to be forced to send personal documents through the mail to get services completed. If you will not open the office then I should be able to complete a name change online. Plus get a nicer person to answer the phone who is knowledgeable! No professionalism at all!

  15. Apr 26, 2021

    If courthouses and DMVs are open then SSA offices need to be as well.

  16. Apr 26, 2021

    Solicite por primera vez un número de seguro social y no me han dado respuesta

  17. Apr 20, 2021

    I had wonderful customer service today from Mr. Wysinger. He gave me clear understanding answers. No miscommunication was made. Great service. Thank you!

  18. Apr 14, 2021

    You know iv been given wrong incomplete information wasted money trying to get things sent to these people at this office still nothing done. They have taken covid to another level of not doing nothing. I’m sorry but other states have their office open for services and yet these people not doing it the State Florida. I think I’m going to get to the right people to complain and do something about this. I work as a nurse in the field daily and what’s funny these employees really getting paid doing nothing within a building. Who is monitoring the governmental staff seriously in Florida? The manager nor supervisors over them surely not? I’m just shocked. Do not use the online system to order your birth certificate nor anything else. I was told by the agency it was sent even if u do application for ssn and go to next page which one hand don’t know what the left hand is doing. Ssn office says hey we need application, me: hey I did it online. Well call the company that process birth certificate divorce info and marriage info they send all out different times lol so whatever these people get is sitting in a pile or room with personal info. I have no control of why these people send everything out different. This is a joke! Read this do not do it. I refuse to send my original documents to them and it’s all I have, sad to say I will try seeing if they finally taking people in and go that way or fly back to my state and change it their for they are seeing customers and open vs Florida governmental staff at ssn office choose to not work not assist people. So sad. But I will complain to the right people.

  19. Apr 9, 2021

    I need to change my last name and replace my lost social security card. How do I begin this process?

  20. Mar 29, 2021

    I need to make a appointment to change my power of attorney to myself I have a doctor's note I just got and wanted to see what I need to do

  21. Mar 26, 2021

    How can you make an appt. if no one answers the phone? It's another government business that can't get their stuff together.

  22. Mar 18, 2021

    Always calling on the phone but no one answers. I need SSC as soon as possible and it has been 3 months I have been trying to contact them but no one answers on the phone. Moreover I sent all the required document via UPS to the SSA in Jacksonville because I had no other choice and I did not get yet any answer back or SSC. What do we have to do. I don't understand why is this office is not taking care of its customers.

  23. Mar 16, 2021

    We have been trying to call the Jacksonville office for weeks to make an appointment to get in and deal with benefits due individuals under legal guardianship. Messages left and never one return phone call. How do we set up an appointment if noone answers the phone and you can't get a phone call returned?

  24. Feb 13, 2021

    I requested a social security card several weeks ago and have not received the document as of today. When can I expect the document?

  25. Feb 2, 2021

    I mailed a request for my SS card before the new year with a notarized letter of request and notarized photocopy of my FL ID. I have received no response.

  26. Jan 30, 2021

    Rude, not helpful, unprofessional staff, and office personnel

  27. Jan 25, 2021

    Ridiculous service during the pandemic. Trying to get a minors SSN name updated. I have been crazily sending all documents they have asked for and still have no update on her SSN card. They cant even locate the last package of signed documents sent to them. Its been over three months of trying to call them, waiting for hours for someone to take the call and still not getting anywhere.

  28. Dec 17, 2020

    hello, am moving to jacksonville florida i want to know what do i need to do to change my ssi to florida.Thank you.

  29. Dec 17, 2020

    It's a great place with an excellent attention!

  30. Dec 3, 2020

    I absolutely hate dealing with this office. It's always a run around they never get information properly turned in and everyone has a different answer. I'm sitting here without me and my kids survivor checks our only source of income and cant even figure out why cause can't reach them. I can guarantee they didn't update my adress since I've given account numbers 6 times and still recieve paper checks. Ridiculous

  31. Nov 3, 2020

    These people suck. Worst customer service ever. They know they are and act like stereotypical government employees. No empathy. No initiative. They should fire everyone in this office and start over. I am truly sorry if you have to deal with the staff in this office.

  32. Nov 2, 2020

    Hi, I have moved to jacksonville from India with a H1B VISA and I need a new SSN for my company. I have called so many times to do an appointment, but you told me than I would received a call with this information.

  33. Oct 18, 2020

    Hello, I have moved to jacksonville from Spain with a J1 VISA and I need a new SSN for my company. I have called two times to do an appointment, but you told me than I would received a call with this information.

  34. Oct 13, 2020

    How do you make an appointment to replace a social security card ?

  35. Oct 13, 2020

    I moved to jacksonville from Canada on a work VISA in May 2020 and require an SSN to keep my visa, job and to obtain health benefits through my employer. I have been calling 3 times per week over the past 5 months trying to get an appointment and still haven't had any luck. I have only reached one helpful agent who escalated the incident to her manager and even above her manager several times. I cannot get an appointment. I have faxed all of my documents in several times and have not gotten a call back, a letter in the mail, NOTHING. I desperately need an appointment. I don't know why I cannot get one. Most days I call, the agent puts me on hold and then the line disconnects.

  36. Oct 9, 2020

    So difficult to get in touch with them and cannot make an appointment at all. Are they on strike? why is it so difficult to receive adequate customer service at this location?

  37. Oct 7, 2020

    Terrible customer service. I have been told several different answers to my questions in reference to a new SSN card over the last 5 months. I was told for 3 months to continue waiting for my wife's SSN card. Finally after 3 months I called again to be told that she did in fact receive a SSN number and a card was mailed in May, which we never received. Now that the original never arrived I was told to send ORIGINAL documents in the mail with the proper application so I sent via registered UPS mail. When I call to follow up, I receive attitude like I am asking them to do something that is beyond their normal duties. Is it not the representative's job to assist? Submitting an ORIGINAL green card that took years to obtain was not a decision made lightly. You can't make an appointment due to the current pandemic and unless you have hours of free time (between their operating schedule) and a lot of patience you will not get your issue resolved. I hope to never have to deal with this office again once I finally receive the replacement card for an original that we never received. Now I have the direct extension to a voice mail box that is full and the person I am supposed to deal with is on military leave. It should not be this difficult to receive courteous service from a public services office. I understand my wife needs to be on the phone to discuss her SSN, but why is it so difficult to receive adequate customer service at this location? From the reviews I see below this is not uncommon and that is very unfortunate with so many great people in the world that are unemployed and seeking employment. Customer service qualifications for these positions must be very low. Aggravated USMC Vet

  38. Aug 4, 2020

    Recieve a letter and need to speak with someone,called but didnt get a correct response so i need an appointment so i can speak with someone thank you.

  39. Jul 31, 2020

    When trying to call the JAX office, the message says it a 15 minute wait to speak to a representative. After 6 1/2 minutes it rings then goes silent, then after a couple of minutes it hangs up the call. Wow awesome customer service!

  40. Jul 19, 2020

    Need proof on ssi benefits

  41. Jun 23, 2020

    I received a notice that SS will begin taking money for Medicare insurance.i am currently under my husbands insurance He is still working. Therefore I don’t need Medicare yet. What do I have to do to stop this from happening?

  42. Jun 15, 2020

    Very helpful! Thankyou kindly.

  43. Apr 30, 2020

    Social Security appears to have an incorrect birthday for me. I discovered this when the IRS would not allow us to file our taxes electronically as “Social Security cannot verify spouse’s birthday”. I am the spouse referred to. This happened this tax year and and an earlier tax year. I was also unable to open a social security online account for the same reason. I have all my documents including my original birth certificate. May I make an appointment?

  44. Feb 5, 2020

    To whom it my concern ssa send me a security code five times, I log in to my ssa account the codes I inter is wrong.Please I need help.Thank you

  45. Jan 10, 2020

    Needing to find out if an ex-wife of a deceased husband can receive spousal survival benefits. The ex-wife was married 17 years and all children are now over 18 years of age. Not sure if the deceased ex-husband has paid into social security. Is this possible for the ex-wife to receive survival benefits?

  46. Dec 19, 2019

    Review my record I should be getting more money, born in 1943 Abbeville Alabama Henry county

  47. Dec 7, 2019

    My wife and I need to change our address

  48. Nov 15, 2019

    I just got off the phone with Miss Wilson, she was very friendly and helpful. I was dreading to make this phone call, but if was really great talking to her she provides great service and is warm and pleasant. Miss Wilson did a great job helping me. She is credit and valuable asset to your offfice. Thanks and have a great day.

  49. Nov 1, 2019

    I would like to make appointment a soon as possible. I couldn't make on the phone.

  50. Sep 11, 2019

    I need to update my social security.

  51. May 6, 2019

    I called this phone number 5-6-2019 with the intention of making an appointment at the Bonneville Office in order to submit Medicare paperwork related to my recent retirement. There is no option to speak to an operator, make an appointment. The optiona are to locate a specific worker’s name for contact. Not useful at all for new callers. This number should not be referenced as a number for new users to, “save as much as an hour in contacting social security”.

  52. Dec 26, 2018

    I walked into this office and of course it's very busy which I understand. This is my first time here so I stand in what appears to be a line and wait patiently while the security officer helps someone else. He then looks at me and points toward the wall. Confused, I move over because I thought maybe I was in the way. He then points at the machine in an impatient manner. My thoughts were 'Ok, I guess this is where I need to sign in and get a ticket, but how would I know that if I've never been here before.' I proceed to get my ticket then I stand near the way because again it's very busy and there are no seats. Upon standing there for about 5 minutes I over hear the security officer telling others to grab a clipboard and fill it out. Again I am looking around confused because he gave me no further instructions so I ask the young lady next to me, also African American female. I must add that we were the only two in the office of African American decent. She explained that she had the same identical experience as I did. I proceed to get my clipboard and fill out my paperwork and stood quietly next to the wall. As I did this I observed the security officer explain and offer help to everyone that walked through the door and did not give one of them any type of attitude or finger pointing, none were African American. I think my point is clear and I just want to make this known, I deserve the same treatment as anyone else that walks through the door no matter the race, gender, etc.

  53. Nov 28, 2018

    I have just received a call from 732-847-4065 stating that 'there is illegal activity on my social security account and it will be suspended'. I assume that you would not call me with a robot voice asking me to call back?? Thanks

  54. Nov 26, 2018

    It is impossible to contact anyone at any phone number for any reason. that is, a human being. You can't reach a number that is working for a appointment, or to discuss any matter regarding a social security card. This is a outrage . We do not want to here about all the crap that is recorded on phone. Only hours and appointment desk first and then other options. There is no one to complain to either. The public does'n give a hoot about the reduction in paper work as all your get on line and in the medical profession is more paper work. I would like for some one to be held accountable for the crap you call customer service. My husband in disabled, and i cannot facilitate all the computer procedures u require, i cannot make an appointment as there is no workable number for that. You suggest people make and appointment and provide no means. The site really sucks. I have to arrange transportation in advance . God help others in my position.!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Nov 22, 2018

    I needed to update my mailing / home address. I called hoping I could do this over the phone instead of sitting at the social security office for hours. I waited 1 hour and 13 minutes to be connected to a social security representative (on the phone) . The gentleman who answered was polite and friendly, he said he updated my address, it turns out he wasn’t able to update my address. I called again a month later to see why my address wasn’t changed . I was told that I need to create an account and change it online. I tried to create an account but I continually got rejected. I called the social security office AGAIN. I was told that if I have a credit freeze this might effect a online account status with the social security office. I was finally told that I need to walk into the social security office and change my address in person. What a hassle. Apparently there is no need to make appointments at the Jacksonville Florida social security office. I’m hoping this is true because if I walk into the SSO and they turn me away because I don’t have an appointment I will eat an entire box of donuts from the stress.

  56. Nov 14, 2018

    I waited 20 minutes on the phone after calling the number of my local office to make an appointment. Once I got thru I was told the office does not make appointments, to just walk in. The information to the right, advising to call to make an appointment, is incorrect.

  57. Sep 6, 2018

    Sad I can't make appointment on line or by calling office. Always to busy. I need appointment. Don't have time to sit and wait.

  58. Jul 16, 2018

    I have been trying to make change of address by phone, through web site and I’ve tried to make appointment to come in to get records updated, through your 1-800 recordings. When your your recording wants me to hold on for a live person to pick up in 45 minuets, don’t you think that’s a bit ridiculous? In trying to update on line I had to create an account, before I could complete, your system gave me notice my info wasn’t correct. I don’t know what info wasn’t correct and eventually was locked out of system, all the time I’ve put in to make such a simple address update. You say your times valuable, what about mine? Still need address change, HELP!!

  59. Jun 15, 2015

    I am an attorney seeking information and clarification of my client's past due benefits based upon a favorable ALJ decision dated May 14, 2015. Because the Jacksonville/Bonneval Road office cannot be bothered to answer telephone calls I am left with corresponding with the national 800 number which we all know, knows nothing about anything. The 800 number was good enough to patch me through to the Jacksonville/ Bonneval Road office on a three way call one tine but I need to discuss the most recent letter that does not provide for attorney's fees. I rate the Jacksonville/Bonneval Road office as useless.

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****IMPORTANT: Due to COVID-19 pandemic, you can not walk in to the social security office without an appointment.
Appointments are limited and for dire issues only.

Directions: turn onto Bonneval road at the intersection with j. Turner butler boulevard which is located between i-95 and phillips highway. Follow the road around until you see the SSA building on your left.

Same hours of operation for co-located card center. We can handle your needs online or by phone, but if you need to visit our office, the best time to do so is Tuesday or Friday.

Top Online Services on SSA.gov

You can go online at: https://www.ssa.gov for the following services. You can take care of these things without making an appointment at your local office.

Apply for Benefits
- Apply for Retirement Benefits
- Apply for Disability Benefits
- Apply for Medicare Benefits
- Appeal a Decision

Check Your Account Information
- View Your Latest SS Statement
- Review Your Earnings History
- Estimate Your Retirement Benefits
- Check Your Application Status

Updates To Your Account
- Change Your Address
- Direct Deposit Setup and Changes
- Print Proof of Benefits
- Print Out Your 1099 Form

SSI makes monthly payments to people who have low income and few resources and are:
Age 65 or older;
Blind; or

If you are applying for SSI, you can complete a large part of your application by visiting our website at www.socialsecurity.gov. You also can call us toll-free at (877) 409-8424 to ask for an appointment with a Social Security representative.

Parents or guardians usually can apply for blind or disabled children under age 18. In some cases, other third parties can apply for children.

You should bring certain items when you apply. Even if you do not have all of the things listed below, apply anyway. The people in the Social Security office can help you get whatever is needed.
Please bring:
- Your Social Security card or a record of your Social Security number;
- Your birth certificate or other proof of your age;
- Information about the home where you live, such as your mortgage or your lease and landlord's name;
- Payroll slips, bank books, insurance policies, burial fund records and other information about your income and the things you own;
- The names, addresses and telephone numbers of doctors, hospitals and clinics that you have been to, if you are applying for SSI because you are disabled or blind;
- Proof of U.S. citizenship or eligible noncitizen status; and
- Your checkbook or other papers that show your bank, credit union or savings and loan account number. If you are approved for SSI, you must receive your
payments electronically. Payments may be made via direct deposit, the Direct Express® card program or an Electronic Transfer Account. For more information, visit www.GoDirect.org.

How to apply online?
Visit www.socialsecurity.gov and select 'Apply online for disabilitybenefits.'
Fill out the Disability Benefit Application
Answer the questions on the Adult Disability Report
Mail or take the documents to this Social Security office.

The online forms are available to you seven days a week during the following hours (Eastern time):
Monday-Friday: 5 a.m. until 1 a.m.
Saturday: 5 a.m. until 11 p.m.
Sunday: 8 a.m. until 11:30 p.m.
Holidays: 5 a.m. until 11 p.m.

Opening Up a MySocialSecurity Account
If you paid in to Social Security or are looking for benefits, you will need to open a 'my Social Security' account. This is an online account directly from the Social Security Administration that lets you keep track of and manage your SSA benefits, and allows you to make changes to your Social Security record. My Social Security Account

Getting a Social Security Card OR Replacing A Social Security Card OR Correcting A Social Security Card
1. Learn what documents you'll need to get an original, replacement, or corrected Social Security card, whether it's for a child or adult, U.S. citizen or noncitizen. Documents List.
2. Read the instructions for and fill out an application for a new, replacement, or corrected card. Social Security Forms
3. Social Security cards aren't processed online. Print your application and find out where to take it in person or mail it.

Missing Social Security Checks or Payments
Contact the agency. The paying agency will provide you instructions on how to file a claim File the claim with the paying agency. (800) 772-1213.

Supplemental Security Income
Pays benefits based on financial need.

Social Security Disability
Public social insurance programs that replace income lost because of a physical or mental impairment severe enough to prevent a previously employed person from working. Monthly cash benefits are paid to the eligible individual with a disability and his or her eligible dependents throughout the period of disability.

SSI benefits also are payable to people 65 and older without disabilities who meet the financial limits. People who have worked long enough may also be able to receive Social Security disability or retirement benefits as well as SSI.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do an application online for social security
Yes. You can apply for benefits online (retirement, disability, medicare). Visit https://www.ssa.gov.
How do I apply for a replacement Social Security number card?
There is no cost to obtain a free or new Social Security Card. Get an application at this web link: https://www.ssa.gov/forms/ss-5.pdf. Then, either mail in your application or visit your local office. Try to make an appointment before visiting your location Social Security Office.
How do I change or correct my name on my Social Security number card?
If you legally change your name due to marriage, divorce, or any other reason, you need to go to your local office.
How do I apply for Social Security retirement benefits?
It is recommended that you apply for retirement benefits three months before you want your payments to start. Applying online at https://secure.ssa.gov/iClaim/rib. One or more of the following documents may be needed in order to apply online. The end of the online application will provide instructions on where to submit them. The documents we may ask for are: Original birth certificate or other proof of birth [more info] (You may also submit a copy of your birth certificate certified by the issuing agency); Proof of U.S. citizenship or lawful alien status if you were not born in the United States [more info]; Copy of your U.S. military service paper(s) (e.g., DD-214 - Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty) if you had military service before 1968; [more info]; and Copy of your W-2 form(s) [more info] and/or self-employment tax return [more info] for last year.
How long will it take to get a Social Security card?
The Social Security Administration will mail your Social Security card as soon as they have all of the necessary information and have verified the appropriate documents. Generally, you will get your card within 10 business days from the date on your receipt.
How long would it take to get by mail my Disability Benefits Award Letter?
An award letter, AKA award notice, is what shows that a claim for benefits has been approved.
The Award letter is usually mailed to the recipient within a few months of Social Security approving their benefit application.
The Social Security office does not have an established deadline for mailing the award letters. Some claimants will get their letters even after Social Security has issued their first benefit payment or earlier than that.
The wait is longer if your case was decided on a hearing.
Apply for Benefits Here.
Can I schedule, reschedule, or cancel an appointment with Social Security, through your website?
No. We do not have direct contact with any of the offices listed on our website, we only provide the locations with the contact information, you must call them directly.
If I give you my Social Security Number and personal Information, can you check the Status of my case or check my application status?
No. We do not have direct contact with any of the offices listed on our website, we only provide the locations with the contact information, you must call them directly. We strongly advise that you do not provide your Social Security Number or personal information through this website or any other website. Contact your local Social Security office directly in order to obtain your case status or for more information.
What is SSI (Supplemental Security Income)?
SSI provides monthly payments to adults and children who have low income, few resources, and who are blind or disabled. SSI also provides monthly payments to people age 65 and older with limited income and resources, who are not blind or disabled.
How Much Can You Get from SSI?
The basic monthly federal amount for 2021 is the same nationwide:
$794 for one person, or
$1,191 for a couple

Not everyone gets the same amount. You may get more if you live in a state that adds money to the federal SSI payment. On the other hand, you may get less if you have other income such as wages, pensions, or Social Security benefits. You may also get less if someone pays your household expenses. You may also get less if you live with a spouse and he or she has income.
Should I Apply for SSI?
To get a monthly payment you must:
Be at least age 65 OR be blind or disabled;
Have limited income (wages, pensions, etc.);
Have limited resources (the things you own);
Be a U.S. citizen, a national of the U.S., or some noncitizens; and
Reside in one of the 50 States, the District of Columbia, or the Northern Mariana Islands.

Exception: The children of military parent(s) assigned to permanent duty outside the U.S. and certain students temporarily abroad may receive SSI payments outside the U.S.
How Can You Apply for SSI?
You can apply for SSI by calling our toll-free number at 877-483-0689. The phone lines are open between 8 am and 7 pm. Office staff can provide more information about SSI and schedule an appointment to take your application over the telephone.

Closest Area Social Security Offices